Getting Started with Automatonymous

Once you have added Automatonymous to your project (using NuGet or otherwise), you’re ready to create your first state machine.

Creating Your First State Machine

A state machine is declared with Automatonymous using an internal domain specific language (DSL). To declare a state machine, add a class to your project that inherits from AutomatonymousStateMachine. For our example, we’ll use the concept of a vehicle pit stop on the road of life.

public class PitStop :
  public PitStop()
    State(() => Running);
    Event(() => Start);


  public Event<Vehicle> Arrived {get; private set;}

  public State Waiting {get; private set;}

So far, only a minimum level of functionality has been declared. When a vehicle arrives, the PitStop is in an initial state. When the Arrived event is raised, the vehicle information is passed to the handler, which transitions to the Waiting state.